St. Basil's Cathedral


The Red Square: Cathedral Square

This is the heart of the Kremlin. It is surrounded by 6 buildings, including 3 cathedrals.

1. State Historical Museum

2. St. Basil's Cathedral

3. Museum of Patriotic War of 1812

4. Lenin's Mausoleum

5. Kremlin Wall Necropolis

6. Kazan Cathedral

7. Spasskaya Tower (The most famous tower and is the main gate into the Kremlin. Built in 1491.)

8. GUM Mall


The Kremlin:


The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow city. It is located on the left bank of the Moskva River, on Borovitsky hill. The first fortress on this place was built in the 11th century during the reign of Dmitry Donskoy. Originally it was simple wooden fences with gaurd towers. Moscow's Kremlin walls were rebuilt in the second half of the 15th century during the reign of Grand Prince Ivan III and construction work lasted for many centuries. 


Moscow and the Kremlin were captured by Napoleon's army in 1812, but soon withdrew from Moscow because of a fire. The communist's government was settled in the Kremlin in 1917. The Kremlin has been included in the UNESCO World Herritage List since 1990.


1. Kremlins Arsenal

2. Tsar Cannon

3. Tsar Bell (Ivan the Great)

4. Cathedral of the Archangel

5. Patriarch's Palace

6. Dormition Cathedral

7. "Ivan the Great" bell tower (Currently it is a functioning church and museum)

7. Grand Kremlin Palace (Built is 1838 - 1849)

8. State Kremlin Palace (Currently the official residence of the President of Russia)


Location of the Red Square:


The Kremlin is located in the city center, on the left bank of the Moskva River, on the Borovitsky hill. The nearest metro stations are:

1. Okhotny Ryad

2. Ploshchad Revolutsii

3. Bibliotekaimeni Lenina

4. Aleksandrovskiy Sad



Metro Stations:


Some of the metro stations look like ballrooms and are definitely worth visiting. Get yourself a metro card and explore some of the more famous stations.


Ticket prices: (2018)

1 trip: 55 rubles

2 trips: 110 rubles

20 trips: 747 rubles

You can buy tickets using the automated ticket machines or from the ticket booths. No matter how long you ride or how many transfers you make, you pay no extra fee.

Use this useful mobile App: Yandex Metro. It is a free app that is essential while going underground.


Some of the most beautiful and famous metro stations in Moscow are:


1. Mayakovskaya Station

2. Komsomolskaya Station

3. Novoslobodskaya Station

4. Prospect Mira Station

5. Belorusskaya Station





1. Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel:


State Historicalm Museum